New Orleans Blastoff, January 13-14, 2018

CLUB DIRECTORS AND COACHES: We cannot remind you strongly or often enough to have your AES Blastoff rosters completed and printed for the start of Saturday’s tournament. Remember, there is no check in. But you must have your printed roster to compete. There are no exceptions.

Saturday’s wave times (always subject to change):
8 a.m. — some 12s, 15s, 16s, 17s
Noon — 10s
2:30 p.m. — some 12s, 13s, 14s and 18s

We will post the full schedule by Wednesday evening at
PARENTS: NO chairs are allowed in the New Orleans Convention Center, but you are encouraged to bring them to the Hilton if you’re playing on one of the eight courts there.

We have more than 200 teams for the 14th-annual tournament that kicks off the club-volleyball season for the Bayou Region and surrounding-areas.
If you have a smart phone and don’t already have the AES app, we strongly recommend getting it not only for the Blastoff but for your tournament schedules all season long.
For last-minute questions, contact Lee at [email protected] or call 225.802.2133.


Official volleyball of the Blastoff


2017 Blastoff! Winners and runners-up

blastoff-2017-14Winner: NOLA 10 Julie

NOLA 10s Dana Runner-up: NOLA 10 Heather

NOLA 12 DanaWinner: NOLA 12 Dana

NOLA 12 JohnRunner-up: NOLA 12 John

NOLA 13 LaurenWinner: NOLA 13 Lauren

LVL 13 RegionalRunner-up: Crescent City Juniors 13

Asics Louisiana 14Winner: Asics Louisiana 14

Cajunland Greg 14Runner-up: Cajunland Greg 14

NOLA 15 KaseyWinner: NOLA 15 Kasey

LAV 15 BlackRunner-up: LAV 15 Black

Digs 16-1Winner: Digs 16-1

Infinity VBA 16 PremierRunner-up: Infinity VBA 16 Premier

WD-Nation 17 AdidasWinner: WD Nation 17-Adidas

Runner-up: NOLA 17 Margot

Asics Louisiana 18Winner: Asics Louisiana 18

Runner-up: Digs 18-1

2015 Blastoff video